Fantastic Ways To Promote Your Business!

Fantastic Fundraising’s coupon booklets have up to 48 peel-off and 36 continuous use offers. Offering a promotion on one of these coupons is a great way to advertise your business at little to no cost.

This isn’t the only way to get your business’ name out there through us either. We also can provide these great strategies:

Customized Booklets

Single Panel and 2 Panel. Looking for an in-house fundraiser that showcases only your business? We have several options available for you. Call us for details.

Daily Deal Offers

This certificate program is an aggressive way to bring new customers to your business. Customers purchase our daily deal certificates at 50% off.

Back Panel Advertising

Each of our booklets has one to two panels that are reserved for discriminating merchants who would like greater exposure. We offer competitive rates.

Online & Smartphone Offers

Times are changing, and so is technology. Our online edition is based on all the great offers found in it’s printed sister edition, but with additional offers that didn’t fit in the book.

Join The Thousands Of Merchants Who Have Supported Their Community Through Our Program!