Frequently Asked Questions

How much do we make off of the sale of each Booklet?

50% profit. Most of our Booklets sell for $10, so you would make $5 each. Our Big Bear Valley Booklet sells for $20, so you would make $10 each.

Our Fantastic Deals App sells for $19.99. You receive $10 off the sale of each app. You will be notified each time someone purchases the app via email. We will send you a check or deduct it from your invoice if you sell this along with our coupon booklets. After your booklet fundraiser is concluded you can continue to offer this year round as a stand alone fundraiser.

Full school elementary and middle school fundraisers must sell a minimum to qualify for 50% profit. Please contact us for more details.

Do you work with any size group or school?

Yes! We have no requirements regarding the size of your group. We work with sports teams to full school and league fundraisers. Our largest fundraiser was for a league that raised $50,000 selling our coupon products only. That was their net profit.

Are there any up-front costs?

We usually provide groups with our color order forms. Our order forms show each of the cities available in Southern California. You may also check out booklets for 29 days. You don’t have to pay for them upfront.

Can we return unsold Booklets?

Yes. We realistically estimate the number of Booklets required to achieve your financial goal. Upon the completion of the sale, any booklets that are in perfect, re-sellable condition may be returned to us.

Do you provide incentives for our group?

Yes we do. Our incentive programs are better than any other fundraising company in Southern California. We can also customize a prize program for your specific needs. And unlike other companies we do not charge for our incentives.

How long does it take after we have turned in our orders to get our Booklets and incentives back?

We usually have them back to your school or organization within 2 busiiness days. They also come prepacked for each participant. It usually takes other companies up to 3 weeks to get your products to you.

Which locations of the featured merchants will redeem my coupon?

Each Fantastic Booklet has a specific area listed on the address panel where the offer can be redeemed, usually good at participating locations within the entire county or region.

What should I do when a merchant does not honor a coupon?

Please contact our office if you have any problems with our products. Sometimes the manager signs up but does not inform the employees of the new offer. Other times, there is a change in management and they are not aware of the coupon. We work very hard to see that all contracts are honored. If the location is under new ownership, then they do not have to honor our agreement per the state of California.

What happens when a company is out of business?

We have no control over a company going out of business. We apologize if this has happened. Please contact our office if you notice a merchant that is on our booklets is out of business.

I am a merchant. How can I advertise in your booklets? Is there a fee?

We are always updating and improving our booklets and welcome new merchants. We look for high quality offers. Typically “Buy one get one free”. There is a nominal fee to participate in our coupon booklets and Fantastic Deals App. We have had merchants say that if it was not for your booklets we would not be in business. Many have appreciated gaining new customers while supporting local non profit organizations. Please contact us for more details.