COVID19 Update

Dear Fantastic Booklet Fans,

We currently only have our Victor Valley Booklet 2021 available. We are being conservative with all of our printing until Inland Empire schools are back to normal. Many of our schools are opting to do our hands free fundraiser with our Fantastic Deals App. We anticipate the growth of our app this school year especially. With over 3000 offers throughout the Inland Empire and with a price tag of only $19.99 we believe your organization will have a profitable fundraiser.

BRAND NEW Fantastic Deals App for your Smartphone

Our Fantastic Deals app will be available in the IOS app store in August 2017 and the Android app store in September 2017. We have been working hard to put together the best digital coupon app available today. Fantastic Deals is a subscription based digital app that has over 1000 offers currently throughout the Inland Empire with plans to expand throughout Southern California. The app can only be purchase through your app store and sells for $19.99 with $10 of each sale going to the organization of your choice. This can be used as a stand along fundraiser (perfect for organizations that do not have volunteers) or as a tag to our coupon booklet fundraiser. This is red hot and we are exciting to bring this to you as we expand into the digital world. Download for free at your app store.

Let us make your next fundraiser Fantastic!


Mike Willis
President & Founder

2018 Booklets In Stock Now! New Big Bear Deals Available!

Our 2018 Booklets are looking better than ever with more offers for you. Most of our booklets have an additional 12 Peel Off Coupons and 6 Continuous use offers. We believe these are the best booklets that we have ever produced. If you are new to our coupon booklets, you will notice that these booklets pay for themselves with just one use. Our fundraisers will save your family money while earning money for your organization. Our products are not over priced and undersized like many fundraisers available in the fundraising market place today. We have saved people millions of dollars for the past 32 years and would like to save you money too!

Check out our new resort booklet for Big Bear Valley. It contains great offers for those who travel or live there 365 days a year.